Second General Assembly Meeting

On May 10th-11th the E-TANDEM Horizon Europe research consortium has celebrated the first General Assembly Meeting, hosted by project partner and coordinator CSIC (Institute for Chemical Technology, ITQ) in Valencia, Spain. The meeting has provided a chance to align the first research activities and coordinatively plan developments for the upcoming implementation months.

E-TANDEM’s ambition is to unlock an efficient and direct production of a new higher-oxygenate diesel-like e-fuel for the marine and heavy-duty transport sectors. This mildly oxygenated fuel is directly produced from CO2 as the sole carbon source, and renewable power as the sole energy input, in a once-through hybrid catalytic conversion process. The project brings together 11 partners from 8 countries in EU and overseas, with expertise extending over the entire value chain, from e-fuel production through formulation, technoeconomic, environmental and societal aspects, to the interface with end-users.


Project progress

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