E-TANDEM at Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Exhibition

The Hannovermesse is the world’s leading trade fair for industry, where cutting edge industrial developments are showcased, such as digitalization, robotics, green energy, etc. In 2023, there were ca. 4,000 exhibitors from all over the world and ca. 130,000 visitors. The fair brings together industry and public, including high-level politicians and decision makers. The German chancellor is for example a frequent visitor, who opens the event offically.

E-TANDEM at the event:

  • DTU Energy had a booth at the fair and presented the E-TANDEM project on a poster. In addition, the poster was distributed to the visitors in A4 format.
  • DTU Energy considers this event as a perfect means of communicating research projects beyond the scientific community (i.e., scientific conferences and articles) to a general audience, to industry, to the public, etc. The interest is big. The activity facilitates mutual understanding of recent developments, promotes public acceptance, and gives industries the option to consider their contribution options. For example, SMEs with a large variety of services and products have the possibility to judge about a potential engagement in the respective sector.
  • Apart from this project, DTU Energy presented other EU and international projects during the exhibition as well. Furthermore, a few big research centers such as DLR (German Aerospace Center) have booths, informing about selected projects and activities.
  • We did not count the number of visitors over the whole exhibition week, but can estimate a number of ca. 300 related to our booth.

General event information

  • Involved partner: DTU
  • Date: 17-21 April 2023
  • Location: Hannovermesse,¬†Industrial Fair
  • Website: https://www.hannovermesse.de/en/hannover-messe-2023/

DTU Energy at the booth with the E-TANDEM poster in the background
Left: Xiufu Sun, Right: Jens Ole Christensen and Anke Hagen


Project progress

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