Hannovermesse 2024, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

More than 500 exhibitors from the hydrogen and fuel cell sector make a joint presentation at HANNOVER MESSE, the world’s most important industrial trade fair. This combination offers unique synergy effects between industrial processes on the way to a global emissions-free future.

E-TANDEM had a successful week at Hannover Messe, represented by project partner DTU. Participation was highlighted by the E-TANDEM poster, which was displayed and discussed over four days. Additionally, the project was promoted through a presentation at the Technical Forum. DTU Energy considers this event as a perfect means of communicating research projects beyond the scientific community (i.e., scientific conferences and articles) to a general audience, to industry, to the public, etc. The interest is big. The activity facilitates mutual understanding of recent developments, promotes public acceptance, and gives industries the option to consider their contribution options. For example, SMEs with a large variety of services and products have the possibility to judge about a potential engagement in the respective sector.

DTU Energy partners presenting the E-TANDEM project

Project progress

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