E-TANDEM researchers at the 13th NGCS in Xiamen, China

April, 2024

E-TANDEM researchers Prof. Michael Claeys (University of Cape Town, South Africa) and Prof. Gonzalo Prieto (Institute for Chemical Technology (CSIC), Valencia, Spain), the E-TANDEM project coordinator, were invited to lecture at the 13th NGCS meeting held in Xiamen, China, in April 2024. This meeting brought together more than 800 participants representing over 220 industrial and academic institutions from around the globe. This prestigious triennial conference series has served for nearly 40 years as a prime forum to discuss advances in the valorization of C1 unconventional feedstocks, such as methane and CO2, into valuable energy carriers and chemicals. Claeys and Prieto presented recent developments in their teams on the (tandem) catalytic conversion of syngas to high-performance e-fuels. The Horizon Europe E-TANDEM project develops innovative hybrid catalytic routes to produce higher oxygenate compounds as advanced liquid e-fuels for hard-to-abate transport sectors, such as waterborne transport.

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