Max-Planck-Institute for chemical energy conversion

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Max-Planck-Institute for chemical energy conversion

Organisation Introduction

Following Max Planck’s motto “Insight must precede application“, fundamental science at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion creates a comprehensive understanding of the active sites of catalysts that are essential for the interconversion of energy and chemical bonds.


Developing new catalytic pathways for the energy Chemistry nexus is the core mission of our group. To develop a proof-of-concept idea to a process is the holistic approach the MPI CEC is following. Therefore e-tandem is a great fit for our group.

Involvement in E-TANDEM

The MPI CEC lead the work package 4 in which the continuous operation and the whole process concept is developed. Our competence if designing continuous operated miniplants is core here. The team is also heavily involved in the development of the Fischer Tropsch reductive Hydroformylation catalyst system in Mülheim.

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“We are amazed to improve the catalyst system and process scheme for higher alcohols directly from CO2 and water in just 2 steps.”

Project progress

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