CSIC on the Biennial Meeting of the Spanish Catalysis Society

CSIC researchers Laura Latorre and Alberto Rodriguez presenting E-TANDEM results at SECAT2023.

The Biennial Meeting of the Spanish Catalysis Society (SECAT’23) was held on June 20-23, 2023, at Torremolinos (Málaga, Spain), and brought together distinguished national and international academic and industry professionals from various fields related to catalysis.  Recognized as a prominent biennial forum focusing on nanomaterials and catalysis, this event aimed to advance the technologies employed in catalytic processes. With the overarching theme “Promoting the Technologies of Catalytic Processes”, SECAT’23 fostered in-depth discussions on a wide range of groundbreaking topics in sustainable chemistry. These encompassed areas such as “Hydrogen: CO2 Management and Advanced Fuels”, “Catalysis and Catalysts with Unique Applications”, “Advances in the Development of Assisted Processes”, “Development and Integration of Processes and Biomass Conversion”, as well as “Simulation, Digitization, Theoretical Calculations, and Reaction Mechanisms”.

Representatives from the Spanish Research Council (CSIC), research partner and coordinator of E-TANDEM, attended the Biennial Meeting of the Spanish Catalysis Society (SECAT’23). This meeting brought together the Spanish catalysis community and counted with distinguished plenary speakers such as Prof. Dr. Guido Busca from Università Degli Studi di Genova, Prof. Dr. Javier Pérez Ramírez from ETH Zurich, and Prof. Dra. Beatriz Roldán Cuenya from Fritz-Haber-Institute der Max Planck Gesellschaft. Laura Latorre-Valverde and Dr. Alberto Rodriguez (CSIC) presented a poster communication at the SECAT’23 conference. Their presentation focused on the recent findings from E-TANDEM’s research and development efforts conducted at the laboratory scale. Specifically, they discussed the catalytic dehydration of synthetic higher alcohols, both linear and branched, to produce higher ethers. These activities are framed in WP2 of the E-TANDEM project as part of the development of a tandem catalysis route for the selective production of higher oxygenates as e-fuel components.

Involved partner: CSIC

General even information:

  • Hosts: Sociedad Española de Catálisis (SECAT)
  • Event website: https://www.secat2023.com/
  • Audience size: ca. 300 delegates (industry and academia)



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