E-TANDEM at the Jahrestreffen Deutscher Katalytiker

Involved partner: MPG

This conference has established itself as one of the most important European catalysis events, covering all aspects from research on the fundamentals of catalysis, the understanding of catalytic processes, catalyst design to reaction engineering and industrial applications. More than 400 experts from universities, research institutes and industry meet annually to present their research, exchange their ideas and share new developments and the latest results in all areas of catalysis.

Jeongmin Ji from partner MPG gave a poster presentation at this conference showcasing the results of the E-TANDEM project. “I saw this as a great opportunity to showcase our results and introduce the E-tandem project. This conference focuses on sharing new ideas and discussing the latest results, making it an ideal platform for us. While there weren’t similar concepts integrating two reactions like Fischer-Tropsch and reductive hydroformylation, which we’re working on, I found other related reactions to be fascinating in terms of molecular design.”

General information:
– 13 – 15 March 2024
– Weimar (Germany)
– GECATS (German Catalysis Society), DECHEMA e.V.


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