E-TANDEM at the Syngas convention 2023

The triennial “Syngas Convention”, organized and hosted by E-TANDEM partner CTU, has become a major forum of scientific update and discussion for the academic and industry communities active in the areas of syngas production and conversion. This year’s the meeting registered a record attendance with over 120 delegates from all around the globe. Latest developments in catalysts and process concepts towards the energy- and carbon-efficient manufacture of synthetic fuels from e-/bio-syngas were showcased at the meeting. Delegates from partners CSIC, MPG and CTU attended this year’s meeting. The E-TANDEM’s innovative e-fuel formulation and process concept were presented and gathered the attention of colleagues from both academia and industry.



Dissemination event: Syngas Conversion 4

Place: Cape Town

Date: 2-5 April 2023

Organizer: UCT partner

Partners represented: CSIC (Coord), MPG, UCT


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