Unlocking the production of a novel carbon-neutral renewable fuel

Developing the first direct process for the selective production of carbon-neutral higher oxygenate e-fuels from CO2, water, and renewable sources.

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E-TANDEM Project

New tandem catalysis conversion routes towards renewable higher oxygenate compounds.

E-TANDEM’s ambition is to unlock an efficient and direct production of a new higher-oxygenate diesel-like e-fuel for the marine and heavy-duty transport sectors. This oxygenated fuel is directly produced from CO2 as the sole carbon source, and renewable power as the sole energy input, in a once-through hybrid catalytic conversion process.

E-TANDEM in figures

49% progress

of the total project.
E-TANDEM started at the first of November 2022 and will run for 42 months


funding from the European Commission in Horizon Europe program

11 partners

from 8 different countries

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E-TANDEM Partners

Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigacione Quimicas

Max-Planck-Institute for chemical energy conversion

Technical University of Denmark; Department of Energy Conversion and Storage




AVL List GmbH

GoodFuels B.V.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb

University of Cape Town

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

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